Welcome to RPG WITH ME!

Enter a world of fantasy, magic, and make-believe!

Perhaps you stumbled upon our little podcast in your own quest for family-friendly audio? Maybe you’re looking for something different in the tabletop role playing scene? Whatever the case, we’re truly excited you’ve joined us!

RPG WITH ME is a bi-weekly (every other week) show with a basic premise: a dad and his two daughters sit down and play a homebrew version of No Thank You, Evil by Monte Cook Games. The adventure has just begun, so there’s still time to catch up and join us! Subscribe and listen to the first episode here.

As you listen, you’ll meet Tiffany and Mike, the two player characters, and many other fun beings who inhabit the imaginary Land of Storia. As you listen to each new episode, we encourage you to take a look at our Listener Guide. This is where you’ll get more information on every character you’ll meet during the adventures taking place. Also, please read the About page to learn more about the podcast and its origins.