Packing for an Adventure

Beginning a journey requires a good amount of preparation from all parties and that’s exactly what we’re doing right now.

While we’re excited to get our game and podcast started, we want to make sure we’ve done everything we can to bring you the best show possible.

In order to keep our adventures family-friendly and age-appropriate, we’ve decided to use Monte Cook Games’ No Thank You, Evil as the core role playing system. We won’t be using stories straight from their material, but the game play will be the same. Using imaginations to fuel where the story goes in unexpected ways is what we believe makes for the best adventures!

If you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics of NTYE, you can learn more about it on the official website. We won’t be going over how to play the game in detail, but we’re sure you’ll understand shortly after you start listening to our first adventure.

Speaking of our first adventure, we wanted to give you a short rundown of what to expect in the first few episodes.

The first episode will be an introduction to the two main players in RPG with Me, Gracie and Eiley, along with their dad, Dave, who will be the Guide and voice of non-player characters throughout their journeys. In the second episode, the girls will create their characters and companions and prepare for their first adventure!

We’re so excited to start and we hope you are, too! You can listen to our podcast trailer and subscribe in your favorite podcast app here!


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