What is RPG with Me?

RPG with Me is an actual-play podcast wherein I, – Dave – and my daughters, Gracie and Eiley, play Monte Cook Games’ No Thank You, Evil and begin our introduction into the world of tabletop role playing games. We’re still starting out, so we don’t have the format 100% locked down. What we do know is that each episode will feature a fun adventure in the Land of Storia.

Why No Thank You, Evil?

Our family is new to tabletop role playing games and No Thank You, Evil was the first one we ever bought. The world of No Thank You, Evil is built upon the imagination of children, so it’s age-appropriate for Eiley, while still being fun for Gracie. It will also lead to Gracie running a campaign herself once she’s comfortable with how the game works. Here’s a brief run-down of the game and why it appeals to our family so much:

Younger kids frustrate easily when a game is too complex for them to master. Older children quickly grow bored by games that are too simple or that strike them as below their level.

No Thank You, Evil! is great fun for kids as young as five years old. But it’s also great fun for the rest of family—adults included!—because the scalable rules adapt easily to the abilities of the player. A six-year-old might play, for example, a Princess. A eight-year-old might play a Super Smart Princess. A ten-year-old creates a Super Smart Princess who Experiments with Science. Each of these stages adds a level of sophistication to how the game is played—but all of these characters can play around the same table in the same game! After a game or two with the grown-ups, a twelve-year-old might even run games for the other kids!

The gameplay rules are easy to grasp for novice or young players, but nuanced and flexible enough for older kids and grown-ups to enjoy just as much.

What about other systems?

Since we’re new to all of this, we want to start slow. We are looking into possibly adding a Ubiquity-based series in the future, but for now, we’re sticking with No Thank You, Evil, since we want to keep the main podcast kid-friendly. If you’d like to suggest another system, we’d be more than happy to check it out!

Are you being paid to use No Thank You, Evil?

Nope. While it would be great to be an official NTYE podcast, we haven’t been contacted by the team at Monte Cook Games. You can learn more about No Thank You, Evil and Monte Cook Games here, though, and grab a copy for yourself. We do not make any kind of affiliate commission for any purchases you make.

We really hope you enjoy our little show with your kids! If you haven’t already, subscribe in your favorite podcast app totally free so you don’t miss an adventure!